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Building a Safer World
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Building a Safer World
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Adult Self-Defense

We believe that self defense should be easy to learn, easy to retain, and relatively easy to employ during real confrontational situations for ANYONE. If you're an adult looking for a great program click here.

Danger Prevention
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radKIDS curriculum is proud to be part of the nationally recognized radKIDS family of instructors.

radKIDS curriculum

The radKIDS objective is to provide educational opportunities for children and parents concerning awareness and personal safety strategies, instilling confidence, and reducing the possibility of adverse physical control and/or harm.

The radKIDS® program provides the most holistic and comprehensive approach to children's safety today. radKIDS® combines an accelerated learning curriculum with realistic gross motor skills, taught and trained to the specific context of a child being attacked or abducted. radKIDS® provides children with valuable real life skills, but more importantly, radKIDS® was designed and developed to work together with both children and their parents to create a true partnership and alliance for the children's safety.

Safety Awareness and Violence Defense for Children
Welcome to the KidsSAVD Program. We are dedicated to teaching kids safety awareness & physical resistance to violence.
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Children are victimized more than we realize. We need to teach them, show them and empower them to be safe. They are our future and deserve to live happy, productive lives without the fear of being victimized. We teach a fun 8-10 hour educational, curriculum based, multi-sensory program of safety awareness and violence defense. We use radKIDS® personal empowerment safety education. The radKIDS® Program is providing children with hope, options, and practical skills to RECOGNIZE, AVOID and ESCAPE violence and abuse.

The radKIDS® program is based on the foundation of a structured educational curriculum that includes realistic physical skills to escape attack or abduction. The martial arts programs that most children are involved in today are typically competition-based, and are usually centered around either sport or combat arts. radKIDS® is *not* a sport, and specifically teaches children how to NOT fight. radKIDS® provides the children in our world today with realistic skills to recognize, avoid, resist and, when necessary, escape physical violence and/or harm.

Martial arts can be a fine addition to a child's personal safety background, but the program we are teaching here is designed to establish a basic foundation of overall safety in the child's life. We are teaching a self-esteem building program with both realistic and practical skills useful in today's world. The program is intended to provide a foundation of safety education for a child to build on for the rest of their life.

Safety Education
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