Violence Defense
Adult Self-Defense

We believe that self defense should be easy to learn, easy to retain, and relatively easy to employ during real confrontational situations for ANYONE. If you're an adult looking for a great program click here.

Danger Prevention
radKIDS Certified Instructor
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radKIDS curriculum

The radKIDS objective is to provide educational opportunities for children and parents concerning awareness and personal safety strategies, instilling confidence, and reducing the possibility of adverse physical control and/or harm.
radKIDS focuses on 7 core areas:
  • Home Safety
  • School Safety
  • Out-and-About Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Stranger Tricks (including Physical Defense
        against Abduction)
  • Personal Safety (including Good, Bad, and
        Uncomfortable Touch)
  • Self-Realization of Personal Power

    What radKIDS Learn:
    1) No one has the right to hurt me!
    2) I don't have the right to hurt anyone else
        unless I need to save myself from danger!
    3) It's not my fault if someone tricks me or
        hurts me!
  • Safety Awareness and Violence Defense for Children
    Our Programs
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    radKIDS programs 2015 Classes

    radKIDS & kidsSAVD Class, ages 5-12

    No Public Classes currently scheduled.

    To schedule a class at your school or organization please contact us.

    * Students must be able to attend all five 2 hour classes to complete the course.

    ** Minimum number of student enrollment required to hold a class.

    1) Childrens Classes and Camps, ages 5-7 and 8-12.

    We teach the radKIDS® personal empowerment and safety educational curriculum based program; a 10 hour course of fun activities and instruction. radKIDS® believes that the best way we can protect our children is to empower our children with information and resources they need to immediately recognize danger and respond effectively in protecting their safety. This does two vitally important things. It eliminates the fear, confusion and panic that is inherent in dangerous situation and replaces that fear with confidence, skills and self-esteem. The key is giving them the power!

    Every parent whose child participates in a radKIDS® program receives a copy of our Parent's Manual. The Parent's Manual includes all the information presented in the program and is written for parents and children to read together -- To review, learn, and share. All parents are welcome, and all are encouraged to actively participate in the Program with their child, creating a true Safety Education Partnership.

    To schedule a class at your organization, school, gym or facility, please contact us via the contact page. Thank you.

    Safety Education
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