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Building a Safer World
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Building a Safer World
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Marc Gardner
Citrus Heights, CA
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Danger Prevention
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Safety Awareness and Violence Defense for Children
radKIDS at a Glance

radKIDS® is the national leader in children's safety, with headquarters based in South Dennis, Massachussetts. radKIDS® is brought to children and parents by the training and development of nationally certified instructors drawn from their own communities. By empowering a community with certified local instructors, the radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education package is not just a program but a true gift to the community.

radKIDS Curriculum topics include: radKIDS Instruction

  • Home, School and Vehicle Safety
  • Out and About Safety
  • Realistic Defense Against
  • Good-Bad-Uncomfortable Touch
        and more.
  • Stranger Tricks (including
        Physical Defense against
  • Self-realization of personal

    Ed Smart
    "The day that Elizabeth came home was such a wonderful day for us. But I felt so strongly for all the parents out there that do not have the ending we have. And I think if there's a way of helping to prevent that situation, then you should do it. I really feel that radKIDS can make a difference."
    -- Ed Smart on the CBS Early Show, February 22, 2005

    National Network

    Community-based organizations receive training and support from national headquarters to provide the radKIDS program as a part of their own youth work. These groups, which have safety goals compatible with those of radKIDS, include police departments, educational organizations, civic groups, fraternal organizations, citizens' groups and concerned parents.

        radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education
  • Safety Education
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